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Golden Global Exports is an international trading and service company. This group deals in supplying and trading of different kinds of Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals and Minerals.

About Us

This company has a several years of brilliant background in the field of international trade and is fully operative in Europe and Asia. (name of company) is one of the major activists in the area by exporting different commodities to countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, China, India, countries of the CIS, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar and UAE, this group cooperates with the largest worldwide manufacturers and genuine producers in various industries such as oil, gas and mining and has a diverse commodity basket. With the extensive range of quality products and a service delivery system which is responsible, reliable and relevant to today’s fast-moving business landscape, (name of company) provides simple, yet effective solutions meeting the client’s exacting demands worldwide and is able to supply oil and gas products from these producers to its valued customers.

Our Vision & Mission

As an international trader, our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading suppliers of petroleum and petrochemical products across the globe. We are aiming to achieve sustainable growth in the distribution and supply of such products. As your trusted and reliable supplier, we are obligated to provide all your petroleum and petrochemical demands and contribute to your success.

Our Operations


We are ready to export a wide range of products to all over the world. If you are a customer of any of products represented in categories below, we are here with successful relationships with producers, manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. We are honored to announce that we have already browsed all reliable resources and reached mutual agreements with the best suppliers so we assure you that quality products with reasonable prices will be shipped to your destination. If you are a supplier or manufacturer, make sure to contact us and present yourself, we are eager to cooperate with you.


We are specialized in sourcing and supplying quality products from genuine producers in the Middle East and CIS countries to our business partners and customers in different industries. Our fields of activity are as follow: . Petroleum and Gas Products . Refineries and Petrochemicals . Chemicals and raw materials for industries . Mineral Products . Oil & Gas Downstream Equipment .


We source, store, blend and deliver oil and key raw materials to our clients. Our customers are middle ranged oil companies, refineries and state own companies. .